A soul is summoned to lift a shadow of the past

In the hauntingly surreal world of First Refusal, we follow the emotional journey of a young girl who grapples with grief and must confront the pain of loss head-on.

The story revolves around a young girl, burdened by the recent passing of her beloved brother. Haunted by memories of their shared past, the girl has created a unique sanctuary within her mind – a memory palace where she has trapped her brother’s spirit. Within this ethereal realm, the boundaries of reality blur as she relives cherished moments they once shared.

However, cracks soon appear in her creation, and the line between reality and her memories start to blur. Is she reliving cherished moments or is she keeping her brother against his will?

In a series of surreal visuals that ebb and flow like a fever dream, we follow them on exploration of grief’s complexity. They gradually come to realize an important truth: in order to truly heal and find solace, they must learn to let go.

Driven by evocative imagery, raw performances, and a hauntingly beautiful original music score that matches the dreamlike quality of the film’s atmosphere, First Refusal takes us on a journey that confronts the natural impermanence of life.

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